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Farm Table and Chairs

Emily Oster

One of my favorite pieces of furniture in our home is our dining room table. Some of my not so favorite items are our dining room chairs or rather how the chairs go with the table.

Finding our table was almost magical. We had only three weeks, a rather tight budget and we knew pretty much exactly what we wanted - a big authentic farm table. And we were lucky enough to get it! Our table is a 8' long, finished in a dark coffee stain, and even came with a pamphlet illustrating its use in country schoolhouse in the Missouri Ozarks. 

FarmTable_Composite copy.jpg

It has already been the center of some great dinners and I look forward to all that are yet to come. But there is a but - the chairs to be exact. Functionally and aesthetically they just don't work. The table is slightly taller than an average dining table - 4 inches to be exact causing our guests to feel like little kids at the grown ups table in their petite chairs. And visually the small scale combined with mismatched styles does nothing to counter the mass of the table. Thus we are in the market for new chairs. 

In looking for new chairs, I know I want something to contrast the rustic feel of the table. When selecting furniture I always try to think about how it will represent us as a couple and as individuals. In the case of our dining room, the rustic table conveys our relaxed approach to our home as well as our love for simple shapes and things with character. For our chairs, I want to counter this with something more modern and softer in form. I also want them to be comfortable so that our guests feel free to linger and relax. Below are a few looks we are considering.

the lucy chair by  bend seating

the lucy chair by bend seating

I like the color and material of these as well as their shape - geometric but still a little curvy. My main concern is comfort.

the riviera side chair by  serena and lily

the riviera side chair by serena and lily

Again I like the color and material of these. I also like the bench and the end chairs. They also look rather comfortable. However, I wonder if they are a little busy for us.

the scoop back chair by  West Elm

the scoop back chair by West Elm

I like the white. I also like how modern and simple they are but I think they are probably a little too stark for us.

wishbone chair by Hans Wegner produced by  Design Within Reach

wishbone chair by Hans Wegner produced by Design Within Reach

I am a big fan of the Danish designer Hans Wegner and I would love to have these wishbone chairs in a natural finish. However, they might be too special for our casual get togethers and I could see myself obsessing about their care and maintenance.

I am not sure what we will end up going with - I probably need to plan out the room a bit more (sounds like another posting) but I will be sure to update when we do.