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Emily Oster


Welcome to The Place Home - a blog dedicated to better understanding and appreciating the place called home. For me, the home is where life happens. It is our primary shelter, our most intimate and immediate built environment, our self expression of style, the place where we grow and change as individuals and perhaps most importantly the space we share with our family and friends. It is a tangible place with complex and intangible meaning making the relationship between the physical and the immaterial inherently linked. Or to put it more simply we shape our homes and in turn our homes shape us. 

My hope for this blog is that it presents this way of thinking while providing useful and inspirational ideas, images and stories revolving around the home. It is my intention to  provide a perspective on the home in which the functional, aesthetic and ultimately experiential aspects are not separated out but rather viewed as indivisible parts that make up a greater whole. 

The posts will vary in topic from things like "how to understand your plumbing" with helpful tips and visual aids, to featured home designs, to owners, renters, buyers and sellers dilemmas and much more. I want this blog to be as diversified as being a home inhabitant can be as after all most us are the cooks, cleaners, designers, handymans, builders, neighbors, and makers of our own homes. 

I hope you will continue to follow and enjoy The Place Home and I look forward to hearing your thoughts, stories and suggestions so please comment and email me!