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beautiful ceramics

Emily Oster

When I think of gorgeously styled kitchens (yes this is something that crosses my mind), I envision open shelves featuring beautiful ceramics. Ceramics are something I haven't gotten into collecting (yet) but they are for sure on my list of wants. Form, function and aesthetics - they have it all in just one small tumbler or plate.

Below are three artisans creating some amazing ceramics definitely worth checking out. 

Studio Joo

Studio Joo by Elaine Tian is based in Brooklyn and combines Tian background in both graphic design and sculpture. The collection is comprised mostly of porcelain vessels and light fixtures and features a soft and delicate color palette applied to interesting but still functional forms. 

Studio One Suite

Studio One Suite represents the work of Lindsay Emery - a North Carolina based artist specializing in small batch ceramics with limited editions. With many of her pieces having gold accents, the current collection is light, bright and makes me think of Spring. 

Arrow + Sage

Arrow + Sage is another North Carolina based studio created and run by ceramicist Anna Eaves. A self taught potter with a background in photography and fine arts, Eaves pieces are simple and classic in both design and finish. 

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hector finch

Emily Oster

Hector Finch is one of the lighting companies that I discovered during my inadvertent lighting binge a couple of weeks ago (like Bocci). A UK based company, Hector Finch creates beautiful transitional lighting that draws inspiration from the past while infusing it with warm, modern finishing. I am particularly in love with their lights made out of French ceramic.