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Filtering by Tag: designer feature

designer feature: mark cunningham

Emily Oster

Mark Cunningham is a New York City based interior designer serving clients worldwide. With a long tenure as Creative Executive at Ralph Lauren, Cunningham opened his own studio in 2005. Since that time Architectural Digest has named him one of the top designers of 2014, he has had several features in Elle Decor and has been recognized in numerous other publications and blogs. What I love about Cunningham's work is his ability to mix, creating interesting and contrasting spaces that are simultaneously warm and welcoming to be in. 

To learn a bit more about Cunningham and to see additional images of his work, check out this interview he did with Mark Sikes.

Have a good weekend everyone!

designer feature: mark d. sikes

Emily Oster

Where to begin....Mark D. Sikes is a man of many talents. He has his own L.A. based interior design firm, maintains a crazy successful lifestyle blog and most recently launched a women's sportswear collection. To start, I really love some of his interiors work. With an untraditional background in marketing and merchandising, Sikes started his own firm in 2011. He self-describes his aesthetic as "all-American" with "European sensibilities" and has been published in just about every major design magazine.

While not verified, I think how Sikes really rose up in the design world is through his blog. With a tag line of - chic people, glamorous places and stylish places - Sikes covers all things interiors, fashion and design related. I personally like that his posts are relatively short, contain lots of pictures and really focus on the class and timeless elements of design.

Finally, Sikes just released his first fashion collections which is all stripes! Just white and navy too! Considering I love all things stripes, I am totally into it. 

designer feature: albert hadley

Emily Oster

I have seen the images and heard the name but I am pretty embarrassed to admit that I didn't put it together. The 'it' being the creative and timeless work of designer Albert Hadley. Hadley, who died in 2012 at the age of 91, is basically a decorating design legend. Born in Nashville and coming from humble roots, he became one of the most celebrated designer with clients like the Rockfellers and the Astors. His work and life are far too significant for me to condense into a blog post and besides, I really don't know enough about him. So I will let a few of my favorite images of his work do the talking.

If you are curious to know more about Hadley check out this Architectural Digest article or pick up this one of these books written by and about him.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone! 

foyer design via House Beautiful

dining room via House Beautiful

study via Mark D. Sikes

colonial bedroom via House Beautiful

bedroom via House Beautiful

Hadley's apartment via Mark D. Sikes and Lonny