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american dream builders week 2

Emily Oster

This week, the teams were tasked with overhauling two midcentury homes in Palm Springs. The teams remained the same and so did the dramatics of the designers but the design was much more elevated....or shall I say some of it was. The pluses and minuses from last week pretty much stand although they seem to have been able to shop at more interesting places this time around. The blue team triumphed again making for the second loss in a row for the red team. That being said the red team's living, kitchen and den spaces created by team leader Lukas Machnik, Dann Foley and Vanessa DeLeon were my favorites from this week.  

design by Lukas Machnik via

design by Lukas Machnik via

design by Dann Foley via

design by Dann Foley via

design by Vanessa DeLeon via  Zillow

design by Vanessa DeLeon via Zillow

I also liked the living room by Elaine Griffin of the blue team. However, she might be the most annoying TV personality I have ever watched and I think the show will become much better when/if she gets kicked off. 

design by Elaine Griffin via  AOL

design by Elaine Griffin via AOL

I am still not totally hooked but this week's episode was enough for me to tune in next week. Week 2's full episode is available online at Check it out!