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home feature: union bluff

Emily Oster

I first came across Hutker Architects when I blogged about Grey Barn Farm. Designed by Hutker, Grey Barn is a stunning working farm and home inspired by traditional Belgian farmhouses. I became re-familiarized with the firm's work - specifically the home below - when I came across this image on Pinterest.

Hutker Architects  | THE PLACE HOME

Hutker Architects | THE PLACE HOME

Called Union Bluff, there is such simple perfection captured in the image of this home. I love the asymmetry of the windows, how the roof dormers outward, the juxtaposition of the stone wall with the white facade, the color of the roof, the minimalist trim - my list could go on. Hutker describes the Union Bluff home as "combines(ing) the best of the shingled 19th century waterfront cottage with elegant contemporary elements". 

Situated on Martha's Vineyard and built by Andrew A. Flake, Inc., this home is part restoration project and part new addition. Built between October 2012 and June 2014, this 7000 square foot home is beautifully massed to hide its large size. Modern, bright interior spaces designed by Wells and Fox combine with more intimate and smaller rooms to create a truly stunning home both outside and in. 

images by Brian Vanden Brink via Andrew A Flake Inc. 

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