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music at home

Emily Oster

Last night, we went and saw The Avett Brothers at the Peabody Opera House. It was the second time we have seen them and they did not disappoint. I have to admit I am not a big concert goer so I tend to be a tough judge. That being said it is pretty much impossible not to be captivated by the band's lyrics, stage presence and musical talents.

Watching the crowd around me - some who were VERY enthusiastic - it got me thinking about music's ability to affect our mood. Growing up my parents would always put on a favorite CD while cooking or eating dinner and while I am by no means a musical connoisseur (nor can I play an instrument or sing very well) I like to think I have a great appreciation for music. I don't pretend to have great musical tastes but I know what I like and how it can affect how I am feeling. Fast forward to now and you can usually find a Pandora or Spotify station playing while Jeff and I are doing things around the house. For me, having music on is just one of the many things that makes our house a home (sorry to be cheesy but sometimes a cliche is really the best way to say something). So in honor of today's musings I thought I would share a few musical inclined links. 

The Avett Brothers live on Letterman

 - This article from Discovery News about Why Music Makes You Happy

February Seven music video by The Avett Brothers

Because its so good especially on a Friday

holiday music picks

Emily Oster

Since Friday, November 29th I have been listening to Christmas music pretty much non-stop. Last year, I relied on a Christmas Pandora station to keep me in the holiday spirit - it may or may not have been the "Mariah Carey Christmas" station.  But this year since I am now a Spotify user, I have been enjoying their large selection of Christmas playlists. I like all sorts of holiday music but this year I am especially into folksy takes on the classics. Below are a few of my favorites for you all to enjoy.

A very  SHE & HIM  Christmas

A very SHE & HIM Christmas

Songs for Christmas  by Sufjan Stevens

Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens