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Emily Oster

Yesterday, at work we had a meeting with our finish carpenter. Every time I have the opportunity to talk with him I become more in awe of his amazing skills and craft. He is eager, creative and has the sort of passion for his work that is immediately apparent and rather contagious. I left the meeting feeling inspired and dreaming of custom carpentry projects. The first item on my list which I am actually half serious about following through with is a custom spindle bed. Months ago I posted about my love for spindle beds and since then the love has turned into an obsession. I really must have one - maybe for my birthday....Anyways being a renter custom carpentry work really doesn't make sense so I will just have to wait on the rest of the list. Till then I will swoon over examples like these of beautiful carpentry work (note I use the term carpentry rather generally and probably not correctly but for me it means anyone who is skilled working with wood). 

via Australian Interior Design Awards

via Australian Interior Design Awards

Design by  Yask  via  Wood Design

Design by Yask via Wood Design

design by  Chadhaus  via  Wood Design

design by Chadhaus via Wood Design