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brass beds
of bed. See inspiration images below! from top left - master bedroom of Lauren Liess - alchemy
our bad ceilings
ceilings in our house - the master bedroom and the office. When we bought the house they looked like drywall and did an incredible job of making it extra smooth and level. This is what the master bedroom looked like on paint day/the day before we moved in as I rushed to finish the job. This is how
beds in front of windows
am most looking forward to seeing is how our bed fits in our new master bedroom. My plan is to put
weekend painting
Now that the master bedroom is finished being painted, we can move onto the office. The space was
bedroom makeover edits
Last week, I presented Jenn with two alternative designs for her master bedroom. The color mint
home feature: grey barn
stone detail by Hutker Architects master bedroom by Hutker Architects master bathroom by Hutker
our master bedroom and then windows blown out in the office as well as the dining room and entrance master bedroom and are staying in our guest bedroom. Now I am mostly worried about how to get our
bedroom inspiration
dreaming of how I would use one as the focal piece in our master bedroom. For me, the Gwendoline Spindle new St. Andrews Daybed in Heritage Blue). For our inspired master bedroom plan, I am torn on finish
american dream builders episode 9
. Elaine did a horrible red family room, Jay's master bedroom and bathroom was fine but overdone
new flooring today!
the office and what was the master bedroom. This was just before Labor Day. After the carpet was
Realty Round Up: Glen Ellyn, Illinois
. It also has a ridiculous master bedroom and bath, a completely finished basement and a wine cellar. Happy weekend!
new uses for antique display cases
In my search for an armoire for our master bedroom, I have come across some really cool antique
a new project
focuses will be on their master bedroom and their combined kitchen - living space. The plan for the
things i would have added to our wedding registry
hindsight, I would have added to the list. 1. Master Bedroom Bedding x2 Like I have mentioned, I really
updated project list for our master bedroom
finish in our master bedroom. The list is surprisingly not that long which, of course, gave me the updated project list for our master bedroom
bedroom makeover proposal
their master bedroom. This past Wednesday, we got together and I presented them with two slightly
american dream builders finale
folding doors and balcony. I did not like the master bedroom, plastic outdoor chairs or the family
dreaming of a new bed
right one for our master bedroom has really grown into a full blown addiction. After countless hours
our home
bedroom click here. Screen Porch: Our outdoor sofa was one of the first pieces of furniture we bought new drywall ceiling, painted the walls white and hung bamboo shades. For more about our master plans for the room click here. Full Guest Room: This bedroom was the former homeowners master and more about our projects in this room by clicking here Master Bedroom: Before moving in, we put up a
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