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garden questions
our garden
end of may garden report
our garden , there also has been some failures in this year's spring planting. The first is our edible garden. If actually plant for our summer edible garden. It might turn out to not be that much but we will see.
our jungle
our garden You might have noticed that posts about our garden have been noticeably absent this season. That is
our front yard
our garden
sunday in the garden
our garden
our stairs + spring planting
last year's spring plantings) as our garden isn't ready for a vegetable plot. I am late in getting my our garden getting outside and working in the garden. This evening is our local farmer's market and I plan on
plunge pools
our garden
first flower feature: hellebores
our garden on flowers that might work in our garden so it seems only natural to share it here. As I have our garden. Just look how pretty they are! from top left: hellebores display via Floret - ivory
spring gardening thus far
to the herb garden is a small bed that has our hellebore which is continuing to do great - ya! And climbing hydrangea in what is set to become our herb garden. My hope is that it will wrap the rather unattractive lattice work and add some "green" interest to an unsightly corner of our porch. Adjacent
planning an herb garden
starting to plan our garden march 26, 2014 flower feature: autumn joy sedums august 28, 2015
tree feature: arborvitae
hellebore update
garden fencing
While I was away our garden grew like crazy and I am so excited. However, little critters have taken notice of my beautiful and prospering garden and begun to run off with our tomatoes, strawberries
planning our curb appeal
october 1
fall pots inspiration to get our gardening started at our new house - source unknown I really can't
our bird netting solution
As I mentioned last Monday, we added a bird net to our vegetable garden. Initially, I just draped
our landscaping master plan
line/fill our sump discharge with rock, maintain our garden beds by at least weeding, edging and fences march 28, 2014 our front yard march 9, 2015 searching for gardening blogs may 18, 2015 mulching and re-seed the grass. I also would really like to start on getting our edible garden going
Vegetable Planter: Part 3
what our garden shop experts personally use. For our 2'W x 5' L x 1.5+'D planter we needed roughly 15 made by our local garden shop. Pond liners while still being plastic are at least tested and This past weekend Jeff and I tackled lining, filling and planting our garden. It took a good amount
garden update
It has been almost three weeks since I have given an update on our garden so I thought it was about
the start of summer gardening
We have very limited space in our garden (2'x5') so in order to make room for summer plantings we
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