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location, neighbors and light
our home buying experience distill down what was most important to us was crucial in our home buying experience. So whether its so much of what, at least for us, was important in finding our first home. We started with location completed home but rather, one we could tailor to our own tastes and needs. This meant that (within . Obviously, there was a lot more to our criteria in searching for a home but being able to really
our home buying timeline
dreaming of our future home. It was also during this time that I became dead set on our current our home buying experience our home buying timeline Its been too long since continuing with our home buying experience so today I thought I would talk
our home
our home
our home buying experience: closing
our home buying experience: closing norm. To refresh everyone's memory since it has been SO LONG since I wrote this post about our home buying posts about our home buying experience, you can read more here, here and here. Want to keep reading our home buying experience timeline, we saw what would become our home in early July of 2014. From our first showing, we
our home buying experience
home began in August 2013 when we met our amazing realtor and ended when we closed on our house on got more serious about buying a house it is definitely about time. Our experience searching for a telling our story, I wanted to share another bloggers home buying experience. Megan Gilger and her husband our home buying experience huge stack of papers, were handed the keys and then after a year of searching became homeowners . This series will be the telling of our unique experience as there is no standard or typical situation
christmas in our new home
christmas in our new home home. We have never hosted Christmas in St. Louis or anywhere else for that matter so we are excited to As I have mentioned, this Christmas will be the first Christmas that Jeff and I host in our new
STL Post Dispatch
know that the STL Post Dispatch ran a feature on our home this past weekend. The article which roughly outlines our experience and approach to the design of our home also has 12 new images INCLUDING
sauce magazine + the place home
location at our home! If your not local to the area, fear not as you can read the digital edition again making our home look incredible. Don't miss out as the story will sure to get you inspired for the
, cleaners, designers, handymans, builders, neighbors, and makers of our own homes. I hope you will continue immaterial inherently linked. Or to put it more simply we shape our homes and in turn our homes shape called home. For me, the home is where life happens. It is our primary shelter, our most intimate and
the official start to year two
relate to how we live in our homes. The sidebar got a facelift with a few aesthetic improvements as
a brand new site for the place home!
to check out but a few highlights include... Our Home: The page devoted to images of our house amazing photos of our home taken by the wonderful Emily Suzanne. The new site has been a long time
happy one year THE PLACE HOME
understanding and appreciating the place called home. For me, the home is where life happens. It is of our own homes. I hope you will continue to follow and enjoy The Place Home and I look forward to our primary shelter, our most intimate and immediate built environment, our self expression of style shape our homes and in turn our homes shape us. My hope for this blog is that it presents this way of
hudson's bay company
My parent's are wanting to do a little sprucing up of our northern Michigan home and asked me to pull together some ideas for the living room. Our home is used primarily as a ski house, however, it
painted front doors
I have been thinking A LOT lately about the exterior of our home. Its probably the coming of warmer
fireplaces part 1
home. It is inherently custom, unlike many items in our homes, and easily becomes the center of any
art in the home
all to value art in our homes. One artist that I really like is Samantha French. She is a young
Farm Table and Chairs
One of my favorite pieces of furniture in our home is our dining room table. Some of my not so rustic table conveys our relaxed approach to our home as well as our love for simple shapes and things
Home Feature: Stone Creek Camp
- winter homes and summer homes. Our second home is a winter home and what we love about it is how
the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016
with it. Speaking of our home, this past year we tackled a pretty sizable list of projects that I represents the business in its entirety as well as beautiful images of our home and I couldn't be happier
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