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updates from the move
time we are totally loving our new (old) house. Since the weekend, we have been busy moving/unpacking our house
big news!
our house what our experience has been buying a house. It has been no walk in the park and when we were going
big news
our house
our front yard
our house up. Our house sits in the middle of our 1/3 acre lot giving us both a sizable front and back yard
project room reveal!
our house into the space in almost a state of disbelief that this room is part of our house. Special thanks to
our stairs + spring planting
our house
planked ceilings
our house
our bad ceilings
ceilings in our house - the master bedroom and the office. When we bought the house they looked like our house
hanging our quilt
our house want to display by hanging on a wall in our house. The quilt is 52" x 72" so we need a big wall to hang
new year projects
our house and could be easily stored and saved if we didn't end up using them in our next house. Maybe like
updated project list for our master bedroom
our house
our den
our house
dark trim verse white trim
our house room tally to three. The house hasn't been painted in who knows how long so all this painting is the house is now box free for Christmas decorating! With the den complete that brings our painted
antique craigslist finds
our house Since buying our house, my Craigslist shopping has been really aggressive. It has also changed, in
our screened in porch
our house
searching for a dresser
our house
weekend painting
our house
structural work in our project room
our house
hallway sconces
our house
bedroom updates and inspiration
our house
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