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project room reveal!
project room - built in, fresh paint and new flooring! I am loving all the selections and keep walking our project room project room reveal!
progress in the office and project room
necessary. In the project room, we need to obviously clean up from construction and then start priming and and are beginning to see the rooms come together. The project room now looks like this. My painting the ceiling in the office and hopefully clean the project room. The drywall dust just gets Our carpenters finished hanging drywall in the project room Wednesday and I completed painting the our project room progress in the office and project room
our other guest room
Being that the project room is almost no longer the project room but rather the most done room in
project room painting schedule
installed in the project room (see this post and this post about planning for the custom piece). It has project room painting schedule our project room
new flooring today!
office and no longer the "project room" feels like we are making some real progress. We will still changed from painting the floor in the old master/stinky/project room to installing sea grass and how our trigger and ordered the below mountain grass for the office and project room and a gray wool sisal project room
researching the built in for the "project room"
While no visible progress has been made on the "project room" for the past two weeks (it still justify the cost. This is what the initial drawing looked like.. project room built in sketch I researching the built in for the "project room"
ceiling fan + light
paint for our next two projects and start painting the project room. I didn't get as much painting project room this weekend) sourced some fans for the project room. I am hoping to make this purchase ASAP as the
finalized design for the built in
The big house update this week is that our project room built in is under construction and should our project room
planked ceilings
the walk in closet area of the project room as that ceiling is in bad shape and is an eye sore on our
weekend painting
next week for office pictures and project room updates! Have a good weekend everyone!
lessons learned from our heating system
morning for instance, I was painting our project room with some very welcomed helpers when we heard an
structural work in our project room
structural work in our project room poor house. This week has been a big reinforcement of this lesson as our "project" room also known as
perforated metal detailing
Since using metal mesh as part of our guest room finish carpentry project, I have had my eye out
house updates + templeton gray
project room, I have been thinking about what to do with the other guest room. I wrote this post and
updated project list for our master bedroom
when we did the project room. Maybe Jeff could accomplish this task in a weekend... 2. Caulk Gap
a flush mount light for the office
project room and hung our ceiling fan. Lastly, they wired a motion sensitive light on the garage. We
the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016
project room) - Painted and had a custom cabinetry piece installed in set guest room - Refinished shared about here on the blog. - Laid new flooring in the office and guest room (formerly known as the
first floor renovation | framing days
county residence guest house august 20, 2013 structural work in our project room november 6, 2014 antique home style march 16, 2015
first floor renovation | demo days
more? Check out one or all of these related posts. progress in the office and project room november
dark trim verse white trim
be an even bigger project in certain rooms than round 1. This is definitely the case for the den. In
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