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our stairs + spring planting
just say I was painting till 8pm last night. With the stairs (mostly) done, I am looking forward to our stairs + spring planting
stair runner reveal!!
bought the house it had carpet up the stairs onto the landing and into two of the bedrooms. It don't have a single picture of what the stairs looked like once the carpet was removed! Needless to liked the idea of a geometric or strip but with how uneven our stairs are we ultimately nixed that and my team of helpers started prepping the stairs for painting. We sanded and filled and then stairs the state of the stairs, I knew we had to paint them verse try to refinish the wood. I have always
stair runner
runner. We pulled out the old carpet and discovered that the original pine stairs have been painted near impossible to sand off all the paint and then refinish the wood. Also being that the stairs are - the stairs are going to be very high use so I want something that will hold up to lots of traffic labrador running up and down the stairs would not be a good thing. All this made it rather easy to figure out what to do with the stairs - paint the treads black, the risers white and get a stair runner. I
hanging our quilt
while I paint the stairs and surrounding walls and ceiling.... from top: The Apartment by Tina to hang ours along the stairs. Another option would be to use a rod. I like how a rod looks but I it on and, right now, I am liking the idea of hanging it along the stairs. The wall is large and be difficult to fully appreciate the quilt as you were coming up the stairs. Although, the view of
dutch doors
scale" (The Distinctive Home). Personally, doors are sort of like stairs and fireplaces for me - I
flooring decisions
this post) but the office, guest bedroom and stairs are still untouched. Our original plan was to do a stripe stair runner but after having the installer out, we determined the stairs are too uneven to contenders. Sort of making progress! Now we just need to prep the stairs for painting, paint the risers and
new flooring today!
have the stairs to work on - repair, paint and have the flooring guys install the already purchased recap our flooring project, we started with carpet running up the stairs onto the landing and into
stair landing
carpet in two bedrooms, on the stair landing and on the stairs. This is what it looked like before paint splatter and is unable to be sanded/refinished, you all already know about the stairs and the
planked ceilings
spaces so it doesn't feel out of place or specific just to the stairs. I am thinking I could do it in
our home
: This space is a work in progress. Thus far we have transformed the stairs and started the painting
organizing my pinterest account
own space in my collection. Design|Stairs: I love stairs for the same reason I love fireplaces
our bad ceilings
stairs is in even worse shape. Ideally, it would be great to have our skilled professionals come back
spring gardening thus far
painting our hallway and stairs before our carpet runner was installed. It also was a record year for
resource review: the distinctive home - part 4
- stairs, fireplaces and built-ins. Stairs are somewhat different than other details in the amount of use
the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016
our stairs and added a runner - Installed new lighting in our upstairs and downstairs hallways
resource review: the distinctive home - part 2
- will you want to go up and down stairs everyday, cost - often one story homes can be more
dreaming of a new bed
stairs switch back into the master, you really see the side of our bed. I currently hate how right now
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