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Resource Review: Remodelista and Gardenista

Emily Oster



Two of my favorite blogs are REMODELISTA and GARDENISTA. They are run by the same group of women who describe themselves as "a group of friends who share eerily similar design sensibilities; a collective design DNA". Their style is "minimalist but not monastic" as well as having an international viewpoint (one of the editors is based in London). The blog is both a sourcebook (current issues not to missed entitled Summerhouse and Summer Gardens) as well as a provider of daily design inspiration. The content of REMODELISTA is focused on interiors and covers everything from "10 Easy Pieces" - a recurring series on well designed objects - to "Restaurant Visits". GARDENISTA has a similarly large breath of content with the outdoors being of main interest. 

What I really enjoy about these blogs is that the readership is aimed at both designers and consumers. The content is intelligent, clear and useful while the design and visuals are easy to navigate and beautiful to look at. Also with the just the shear amount of information available there is something for everyone to appreciate. At the root of it, these two blogs' focus is always good design - featuring it, appreciating it, making it attainable. So make sure to check them out!