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Creating great space and better homes, means crafting a home that feels good to be in. There is a sense of ease because things function just as they should and because - there exists a story. A story about the home itself - its history, its strengths, its weaknesses, its surroundings. A story about the people who live there - what their needs are, the things that matter to them, how they live.

It is in great homes, that we feel these two stories layer to become one. Where the physical space and the material things within it become joined with the lives of its inhabiters. 


The vision for the place home is to create great homes that tell a unified story. Where the home's integrity is always in mind and where the needs and wants of our clients are addressed both functionally and aesthetically. That quality, scale, proportion and materials be prioritized. But that above all - we make spaces that feel good to be in.  


We begin with looking and listening. Seeing your space through new eyes and exploring what the possibilities might be. Understanding how you live and what your hopes are for your home. We then simplify and propose a plan.

Our plans, whether they be for the selection of a dining room table or for a whole home renovation, are focused on guiding our clients in making thoughtful decisions that both express and shape the way they live in their spaces. Where the small choices can be just as significant as the big ones. And where all those decisions matter. 

While our approach remains the same each client is unique so contact us to learn more about how we might help with the making of your space.


"The kitchen and dining area are the center of our vacation home.  We asked Emily to help prepare a layout for our builder based on the existing footprint.  She did what we asked, but recommended another option that opened up the space and maximized the view, storage space and ability to entertain.  She asked the right questions to understand how we want to live and enjoy our home, and delivered much more than expected.  We would never have thought of the layout she suggested on our own – and could not be happier with her design.  We recommend working with Emily even if you think you know exactly want you want.  She will deliver what you ask and then some, creating fresh concepts that may be an even better solution than your original plan."

MIKE & KATIE | kitchen design

"Working with Emily has been a pleasure.  Her architectural and design skills have allowed our ideas to come to life in a beautiful and functional way for our family.  She is professional, prompt and easy to communicate with.  We will definitely work with Emily again on our next project big or small."

KARIN | home renovation

"Emily helped me transform the unconventional spaces of our 1906 house into an elegant and functional family home.  With her impeccable taste, panoply of resources, and educated vision she instantly solved design problems I’d been struggling with for years, such as how to turn our dining room into a multi-functional space and how to make use of our tiny parlor.  Emily quickly understood my “layered” aesthetic and helped me realize it, despite my limited budget and child-proofing concerns.  Emily’s sophistication and intelligence, her architectural expertise and her experience in decorating make her a brilliant consultant, but her flexibility, patience, and humor make her extremely easy to work with. Often even small changes she recommended such as adding baskets to the top of a squat armoire to lend the illusion of height, or replacing diminutive lighting fixtures, made dramatic improvements to our rooms.  I continually refer back to the layouts she’s provided, the resources she’s collected, and the options—for pieces of furniture, fabrics, hardware—she’s selected:  they provide me with a template for future projects and inspiration for new purchases. I have never met anyone else with such fine, consistently perceptive, taste and ideas.  From her plans about how to construct my sons’ built-in sandbox to her re-conceptualization of my sister’s NYC apartment, she has surprised and delighted me with the potential of our homes and the amount of talent and skill that’s required to design well."

RACHEL | interior design