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home buying infographics

Emily Oster

Infographics provide an easy means by which to learn about current home purchasing trends, the home buying process and other related topics. In searching for ones to feature, I found that the majority seem to be created and distributed by realtors. This obviously makes sense as home buying is their business but they don't always make for the most neutral of sources. Also many representations did not site their sources or provide a date range from which the data was gathered. Irregardless, I think they can provide a quick and visually appealing way to gather a lot of good information. Here are a few I found particularly interesting: 

This one is nice because it states its data sources and is for the year 2012. The thing I found most interesting about this one is its "area of compromise" section - I would not have thought that the "price of home" would be the second most likely thing buyers would compromise on.  

This infographic is similar to the first in terms of content. However, I like that it adds more detail to what the first time home buyer's home looks like - number of bedrooms and baths, importance of proximities etc.  

via Pinfographics presented by Aloha Tony Hawaii Realtor

via Pinfographics presented by Aloha Tony Hawaii Realtor

I really like this infographic because it provides a context for how to understand the current market. I also appreciate that it presents different ways to determine what price of house you can afford - price to income ratio etc. 

via  published by Elika Real Estate and designed by Trafficado

via published by Elika Real Estate and designed by Trafficado

This one very clearly is a rent vs. buy infographic but what is unique about it is its projections into the future. I also like that it presents some of its sources with their corresponding data.