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a flush mount light for the office

Emily Oster

On Monday, we had electricians come and do a laundry list of items. In the basement, they set up our dryer and removed old, unused wiring. On the first floor, they installed a dimmer in the dining room and a timer on the front exterior light. On the second floor, they put in two boxes for sconces (remember this post), installed a pancake box for a fixture in the office, replaced outlets in the project room and hung our ceiling fan. Lastly, they wired a motion sensitive light on the garage. We still have a "phase 2" of electrical work that we would like to have done but getting this list tackled got us pretty far on our electrical wish list (we also have a plumbing wish lit, yard wish list etc. very adult and pretty boring I know). 

I bought this fan and while Jeff doesn't love it - no light and a bit too modern for his tastes - I really like it.

Not having wires hanging out of the ceiling definitely makes our bedroom feel more finished.

I still haven't pulled the trigger on the sconces for the hallway but am pretty sure I am going to go with the Bryant. That being said, we opted not to have them hard wire a switch so the electricians will have to come back and put in a twist switch on each sconce so that project is now on a slightly longer timeline.

I also need to find a fixture for the office. It needs to be a flush mount or semi flush mount due to the low ceiling height and I just want something simple and inexpensive. I am hoping that in the next two years or so we can convert the office to a master bathroom so I don't want to spend a lot of money or time on selecting this fixture. Of course that being said I just spend the last two hours combing the internet looking for something that will work. These are my top contenders. 

This fixture is from Home Depot and is super cheap at just $49.42! I like that its brass and is a lantern. My two main concerns are that the brass finish will look too shiny in person and that it might be too small.

I like the simplicity of this globe by Restoration Hardware. I also like that I have a $100 gift card to RH so it would only be roughly $10 out of pocket. However, I am not sure I like any of the finishes as it doesn't come in brass...

With this fixture from Schoolhouse Electric, you choose the base and shade separately so I could get the brass base and then have my pick of different shaped shades. The problem with this fixture is that it is creeping towards $200 which is more than I wanted to spend. 

This CB2 light might be the current leader. Its cheap at only $59.95, has brass accents and is modern and simple. The main issue I could potentially foresee is that it will cast less light because of the solid shade. I am not sure if this will be a problem as we will put some sort of task lamp on the desk. But Jeff will also probably be in the room predominately at night so will have to think about that a bit. Any readers have any lights that might work for us?