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etsy lighting round up

Emily Oster

Recently, I have been seeing some really great lighting on Etsy. Shopping Etsy usually means prices are to more competitive, customization easier and you get to work directly with the maker - which I am all about. These can all be real advantages when it comes to lighting as its not always the easiest of purchases. The sellers can help you answer such questions as will the piece give off enough light for the room/desired use, is the scale appropriate, how to install etc. 

Below are a few finds. 

1. Photonic Studio

I really like the reduced, industrial quality of this studio's lighting. The pieces are simple but still interesting and priced well too!

2. Light and Ladder

Light and Ladder currently only offers one style of light but its a beautiful one. Made from porcelain and rope, I am pretty obsessed with it. Check out their website (or Etsy shop) to see their planters and other home decor items. 

3. Worley's Lighting

Making pieces from wood and brass, Worley's Lighting has a nice selection of sconces and lamps that are available in four different wood stains. I could see the top sconce looking so cute in a boys room or in a cabin setting. 

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