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cane furniture + our dining room

Emily Oster

One of the items on my absolute love list (along with sheep skins and brass animals of course) is cane furniture. It might sound like an unusual thing to have a deep affinity for but I just love the craftsmanship, texture and airiness of cane furniture. I also love that you can find amazing vintage pieces for a steal. And wow have I recently stumbled on quite the find. I am being a little premature with this post as I haven't officially purchased yet but I found this incredible set of Stendig dining chairs. I haven't had time to fully research them but I believe they were designed by Josef Hoffman and are sometimes referred to as the "Prague" or "811" chair. There are four in this particular set and I really need 8 so I did some more digging and have a lead on 4 more! It does seem that these are to be our dining room chairs that I have gone back and forth on a million times! Before I purchase all of them sight unseen and un-sat, I wanted to put together an inspirational design board just to better visualize how I am imagining the room. 

The main piece in our dining room is our farm table. Its a dark finish and has parson legs sort of like this Restoration Hardware Drifted Oak Parson Extension Dining Table

The next major element and the reason for this exercise is the chairs. This particular chair was originally sold with arms as an option so some of the chairs I am looking at have arms and others not. If I went with both sets I would use six armless on the sides and two with arms at the respective heads of the table. 


The other element that I have been dreaming about since we moved in is the paint. I am pretty sure I want to keep the walls light and paint the trim (door casings, crown and base molding and chair rail) dark. I really like the way this room looks by Brian McCarthy


The other two big pieces would be a rug and a light fixture. For the rug, I like the idea of vintage, however, it would be a real hunt to find something the size we would need and in our budget. As such, I have been thinking about a simple strip. Something like this Dalton Striped Flatweave from RH Baby. 

For our chandelier, I really like the idea of a large brass sputnik. I love the Atomium and Cliff Suspension from Lambert & Fils

Although the space might need something denser like this Lina chandelier by Rosie Li

Put all together it might look something like this...