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the homies

Emily Oster

Tomorrow the winners of the 2014 Homies will be announced. What are the Homies you ask? Well they are the awards for best home blogs given out by Apartment Therapy. There are two categories - Home Design and Home Cooking. In the Home Design section, three awards are given out while in the Home Cooking five are awarded. I am not that familiar with the awards but it is a great means to find new and inspirational blogs to follow. After scrolling through the nominees and the major contenders I have compiled a short list of old favorites and new finds that I thought I would share. 

Old Favorites
- Style by Emily Henderson - I love Emily Henderson. Her style is very boho, a little ironic and very California. Her blog features lots of inspirational rooms and ideas and I like her style of writing. She also is a great person to follow on Pinterest.

- Hooked on Houses - I sort of forgot about this blog for a while but its well worth a look/read. Written by Julia Sweeten, the blog features fun categories like bad MLS photos and celeb houses. I also really like the tv/movie house category. 

New Finds
- Bluebird - My first reaction to Bluebird is that it is beautifully designed. I didn't have a ton of time to explore but it looks like a great blog to visit to see a daily dose of lovely things and people.

- SF girl by the bay - A somewhat new find - I follow Victoria (the SF girl) on Pinterest and so know that she has a good eye.