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rattan lights

Emily Oster

Sorry for the delay but better late than never. This weekend, I was over at our friend's new house. It was long and tiring journey for them to find their first home but it definitely seems like it was worth the wait. Among the many projects/design decisions we talked over was a solution for her dining room light. Currently the chandelier is rather blah and she is anxious to get rid of it. A lot of elements are up in the air so I suggested doing a basket light which looks great, is easy to install and can be very cost effective. Since we have moved into our rented house (three years ago...) I have been wanting to implement this high impact, low cost solution. And while I haven't gotten it together to get one for our dining room maybe this will help motivate me! Here are a few images I pulled together to show our friends what I had in mind.

1. source unknown  2. via Home Beautiful  3. home of the creators of  Day Birgen et Mikkelsen   4.via  Mechant Design   5. source unknown  6. via  House Beautiful  design by Sally Markham  7. via  m{pression   8. source unknown

1. source unknown  2. via Home Beautiful  3. home of the creators of Day Birgen et Mikkelsen  4.via Mechant Design  5. source unknown  6. via House Beautiful design by Sally Markham  7. via m{pression  8. source unknown