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Emily Oster

If I had to make a top ten list of kitchen design companies/designers, deVOL would definitely be at the top of my list.  A 25 year old company based in Leicestershire, England, deVOL creates the most amazing handcrafted cabinetry. Simple and understated their emphasis is on timelessness and quality. They have four "kitchen ranges" - Shaker, Classic, Air and the most recent line - Sebastian Cox. They also offer bathroom cabinetry, home accessories, stone flooring, sinks and faucets as well as countertops. 

All their cabinetry pieces feature mortise and tenon joints and are made completely of real wood - no particle board or MDF. Cabinets are available in one of the line's standard colors or a custom selection for an additional charge. 

The Shaker is perhaps their most popular range as it is offered in modular pieces keeping prices lower than their other lines. 

The Classic range is deVOL's truly bespoke option with any size and any finish available. Working with their design professionals, each element is custom specified and created to work in their client's space.

The Air is their take on a contemporary retro style. 


And the last option, Sebastian Cox, is the range born out of a collaboration with its namesake - a master designer and woodworker. DeVOL describes this line as "urban rustic".

Have a great weekend everyone!

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