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urban exodus

Emily Oster

Christmas week is upon us! Its been a little hard to get into the spirit of things between busy schedules and travel but this past weekend we were able to take some time at home and enjoy some festive activities - Christmas movies, holiday parties, hot chocolate and cookies. This morning, I woke up feeling ready for vacation and excited for things to move at a slower pace - even if its just for a week. So while this post isn't holiday themed, it does honor this time of year by recognizing people who have taken a step back from the normal chaos of life and are choosing to live more simply. 

I just recently read about Urban Exodus in the current issue of Modern Farmer. Created by Alissa Hessler when she moved from Seattle, Washington to Camden, Maine, the site celebrates and shares the stories of young urbanites choosing to leave "the concrete jungle for greener pastures" (Urban Exodus). Seeking to represent a realistic picture of both the struggles and rewards of living a country life, the site interviews people all over the country who have made the switch. 

Each story follows a similar format of questioning with pictures of the interviewees spaces to go along with it. I have only read a few of the pieces top to bottom but I like the repeating question format which gives an understanding of what makes all the stories similar yet different. 

The site also includes stories of "Urban Havens" - urbanites who bring the best of the country to them. So many great stories to read so head on over to the site now.