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Emily Oster

Booker, our dog, sheds a lot - like an obscene amount. Sometimes, I literally feel like I live with six dogs instead of just one and while he does have any amazingly soft coat that is very un-smelly, I really wish he would just shed less. However, I realize this is a dream that is not going to come true and that I must just learn to manage it - bath and brush him regularly and vacuum more often. 

 Our vacuum works ok but not great. Probably replacing the filter would do wonders but it is also just old so we decided we would register for a new one. I did a quick google search for "best vacuum for pet hair" and found a few contenders. 


1. Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet UH30310
Recommended by Consumer Reports, this model is one of the two pet specific vacuum cleaners to receive high marks. However, in reading the user reviews opinions are very mixed which is a bit concerning. Also it is not bag-less which I am pretty sure we want. 


2. Miele S 7260 Cat & Dog
Consumer Reports' pet model number two, this model is almost five times more expensive than the Hoover WindTunnel which puts it out of the running. 


3. Hoover Windtunnel T-Series Pet Rewind UH70210
I am not sure where I got directed to this one but its is bag-less and got good reviews. I did read about some issues with the belt needing replacement so that makes me a bit worried however it is covered by warranty.


4. Dirt Devil UD70095 Power Reach Cyclonic Pet Bagless Upright
This is one of the more economical models and got really good reviews. A lot of users seem to compare this model to the Dyson Animal (one the most well-known pet vacuum but also probably the most expensive)  stating that it performed just as well if not better for a quarter of the price. 


I also think it might be super convenient to have a battery operated, handheld vacuum to use in between weekly full vacuums. Two models that came up repeatedly are:


1. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, Refined Bronze/Magenta, 94VFA
This model is economical and got a mix of reviews. My main issue is really how ugly it is...not that vacuums are attractive but the pink and bronze might be more than I can take.


2.  Hoover Platinum Linx Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum, BH50030
This make got very good reviews however it costs almost as much as some of the uprights so I am not sure it is worth it.

Any readers out there really love their vacuum? Or know of other models we should consider?