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designer feature: jessica helgerson interior design

Emily Oster

I first became familiar with Jessica Helgerson Interior Design or JHID because of this image.

Appearing on Pinterest like crazy, this is a tudor kitchen done right. Moody and impactful yet still bright and modern, this kitchen is a standout amongst the sea of standard white kitchens.

JHID is a firm of eight talented individuals lead by Jessica Helgerson in Portland, Oregon. With a focus on creating "beautiful liveable spaces that meet our (their) clients' aesthetic, functional, and economical goals, while respecting the environment" (JHID), JHID's work has a unique environmental perspective. Before becoming a busy mother of two, Helgerson was also a building activist advocating sustainable living practices as well as historical preservation. She continues this work by rather experimentally living in a 540 square foot cottage on five acres of farmland with her family of four - her kitchen pictured below.

Mostly recently, JHID was featured in the current issue of Lonny for this Tudor home

I love the mix of old and new and think the built-in large, velvet banquette is pretty phenomenal. I also really enjoy the dark moodiness of this Library house.

Rather impressively, JHID also has a body of work that is distinctly more modern like this Saul Zaik house.

JHID's website features many more of their well done projects as well as informative write ups about each so check it out! Have a great weekend everyone!