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stair runner reveal!!

Emily Oster

A bit delayed because of our vacation but here it is - the stair runner reveal!

To recap, when we bought the house it had carpet up the stairs onto the landing and into two of the bedrooms. 

It smelled and was all around gross so it was gone before we even moved in. And I can't believe this but I don't have a single picture of what the stairs looked like once the carpet was removed! Needless to say they were pretty nasty - layers of paint, lots of holes and very noticeably uneven.

Because of the state of the stairs, I knew we had to paint them verse try to refinish the wood. I have always liked a black tread with a white riser so that was an easy first decision. For the runner, I initially liked the idea of a geometric or strip but with how uneven our stairs are we ultimately nixed that idea in favor of a solid. Then we did nothing about it for a couple of months...I finally ordered gray wool sisal in November which arrived to our installer mid-December.

It wasn't till February that I and my team of helpers started prepping the stairs for painting. We sanded and filled and then sanded and filled some more. I finally started painting around the end of March. Seeing as it was going to be much more difficult to paint the surrounding walls after the stairs were done, I decided to add that to the project list as well.

Once the walls and baseboards were given a fresh coat of white paint, I painted the risers white and then finally the day before install I painted the treads black. I still need to do some touch up but for the most part the stairs are good to go! I am very pleased with how it turned out although the area definitely needs to be warmed up with art and lighting. I also purchased antique brass stair rods which are in the images below. They still need to be cut to size and properly installed but I don't mind them just propped in place. 

It feels great to finally have this project (most of the way) complete and as per usual my mind is already onto the next to do list.