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on craigslist lately

Emily Oster

As my regular readers know, I keep a pretty good pulse on St. Louis Craigslist postings. Sometimes I am looking for specific items but usually I just end up browsing. It has become an inspiring activity for me seeing what cool, old things are being bought and sold in the area around me. Below are a few noteworthy listings. 

source unknown

source unknown

The above Deacon's Bench has been appraised as being from the 1860s and is listed for $600. It's 6 feet long and is a totally classic piece that could be used in an entryway, hallway or at a dining room table. If my entry hall was wider I would definitely purchase it. 

This cane chaise lounge has been posted for months and its so amazing! Ever time I come across it, I think of the above beautiful bedroom designed by Tom Scheerer. You would need a pretty large bedroom to put it at the end of the bed but it also could work well in a living room or on a porch. Its being sold for just $125!

These brass shelves are listed for $150 each and while they are great as is, they would be more incredible retrofitted to be open shelving in a kitchen.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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