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american dream builders

Emily Oster

I just finished watching American Dream Builders on NBC and I have to say I like it. The premise of the show is that established designers and builders compete on teams to completely redo real life spaces. The premiere focused on creating more functional spaces for large, multi-generational families in tudor homes. So far I would say the show's main pluses are:
- It addresses the whole home - the inside as well as the outside.
- It is uses real spaces with real clients.
- The caliber of the contestants - all well known and respected professionals in the field.
- Nate Berkus :) Love him!
Conversely, I think its downfalls are:
- It seems like it is trying to do too much in one episode and all the details and how-to's get lost.
- The designer personalities, at least in this episode, overwhelmed the content of the show.
- There are A LOT of product placements.
- The designers only get to shop at their "designer marketplace" and Lowe's. Not very exciting....
My favorite room from episode one was either the little boy's bedroom from the blue team designed by contestant Darren Moore or the outdoor space on the red team by Dann Foley

The first full episode is available for viewing at with weekly episodes airing 8/7c. Happy viewing!