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Emily Oster

Jeff and I are just getting back from an amazing get away in the Bahamas. It was a much needed trip of rest and relaxation and we are back feeling refreshed. While away, THE PLACE HOME celebrated its second anniversary! It really is hard to believe how fast time flies. I don't have any grand reflections as I mark this milestone but I want to thank all the readers and all my supporters who have been so encouraging. I continue to enjoy this little piece of the web and I hope that everyone will follow along for another year!

I am in catch up mode after being away but will be back next week with regular posts! Happy Mother's Day weekend!


Emily Oster

source unknown

source unknown

We leave for vacation today and we are beyond excited. Its been a very busy couple of months and we can't wait to just unwind. Destination - Northern California! First stop - San Francisco to visit my sister and her boyfriend. Second stop - Lake Tahoe where we have rented a house in Carnelian Bay (ever since this realty round up I haven't been able to get Lake Tahoe out of my mind). Final stop - Santa Rosa to visit our good friends who just recently moved to the area.

We have a rough itinerary for each location but mostly just plan on relaxing, enjoying time with family, friends and each other and of course eating. Any readers have recommendations for us? I have been searching two of my favorite blogs - Apartment 34 and Hither & Thither - for local tips and have found lots of things that I hope to be able to check out. In particular, Scout Living in Sacramento (it will be on our way to Lake Tahoe) with maybe lunch at Magpie both found on Hither & Thither

I will be back on Tuesday, August 12th! Have a great week everyone!