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Emily Oster

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I use Pinterest A LOT. It is essential for both the blog and my design business and frankly, I can't really imagine what I would do without it. Pinterest provides a platform for sharing images and information unlike another outlet there. It is global, instant and intuitive and whether you are looking for recipe inspiration, fall fashion or a doggie halloween costume it has something for everyone. For me, it has become my visual diary and a means for self reflection. It is where I collect design inspiration and how I learn about what resonates with me (things that are white, bleached wood, a modern farm vernacular etc.). If I am lacking inspiration for the blog often the first thing I do is browse my "boards" or if I am struggling with a client's floor plan I might look at images of rooms I have pinned to try and dissect why they seem to work so well. On a more personal note, I enjoy unexpectedly coming across images that just make me smile or laugh. Like this one. 


Key to my Pinterest use is following a diverse set of "pinners". This exposes me to a wide range of interests and images and creates a constant stream of new sources of inspiration. The "pinners" I follow generally fall into one of these four categories:
1. Friends and Family
2. Fellow Bloggers
3. Publications or Companies 
4. Randoms
I am constantly adding new pinners to the list but have a few that are my go to so I thought I would share so that you all can be inspired as well.

Megan Gilger - The Fresh Exchange Blog
Megan is a pinner of all things beautiful. With over 21,000 pins and boards that range from "get in my closet please" to "printing", she has a wonderful variety of images to get inspiration from. One of my favorite boards of hers is called "adventure". I also highly recommend her blog The Fresh Exchange

Janet Sherman -  Buckleberry Kids
Janet is one of my random but great finds. She pins a lot (37,581 pins as of today) with the majority of her boards falling into what I would call the "lifestyle" category. I especially like her "garden and outdoor" board.

Beth Kirby - Local Milk
 Beth is the creator of the gorgeous blog - Local Milk. Local Milk is food blog but more importantly is about "finding joy & inspiration in the mundane".  Beth's pins all have a similar feel in that they are romantic and ethereal. She has so many boards that it is hard for me to choose just one to recommend. 

Lonny Magazine
Lonny's pinterest account provides a quick and simple way to look through all of the amazing rooms that they have featured in their magazine. For people who like interior design this is a must follow. 

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