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sheep skins

Emily Oster

I love sheep skins. For me, they fall into the "could never have too many" category of home decor items - brass animal figurines are also in this grouping. I already have three scattered through out my house but of course I want more. I would love to have one for every dining chair, my desk chair, maybe beside the bed - the list could go one. They add great texture to a space, can act as a slipcover hiding or protecting upholstery, are relatively inexpensive and are super warm and fuzzy.

This weekend, I moved the ones I had on my cream colored side chairs onto our sofa. Our sofa which is beige has definitely seen better days and I was tired of looking at stains so I decided to risk the chairs getting dirty and switch things up a bit. It was a great decision as both Booker and I are very much enjoying how cozy laying on the sofa has become. Here are a few inspiration images.

1. source unknown  2.  Melanie Turner Interiors   3.  Amber Interiors   4. source unknown  5.  The Brick House   6. via  The Design Files Daily  home of Simone and Rhys Haag

1. source unknown  2. Melanie Turner Interiors  3. Amber Interiors  4. source unknown  5. The Brick House  6. via The Design Files Daily home of Simone and Rhys Haag