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ski house

Emily Oster

Last week, I posted inspiration images of Hudson's Bay point blanket as I love the pattern and think it would work well as a central design element in the living room of my family's northern Michigan ski house. The room has two focal points which can be a bit tricky - a big fireplace and large windows that look out to a bank of trees. The current layout sort of ignores this fact and is much more oriented towards the fireplace. As part of the new scheme, the plan would be to open the room up by removing the current console and sofa that sit in front of the windows. In their place, I would use two chairs and frame the windows with curtains made from Hudson's Bay point blankets (ala the inspiration image from Country Living). My Mom requested a sectional to replace the sofa and love seat as she thinks it is more cozy. Getting furniture up there as well as one a tight timeline leaves limited options. However, she was able to find a fairly basic tan colored one at a local furniture dealer (the pictured below is from Restoration Hardware and looks very similar to it). I would use sheep skins (obviously) to make the sectional extra cozy and to break up all the tan. Matched with an industrial coffee table and some pops of red, I think the plan could be pretty great. 

On another note, today marks the 6 month anniversary (or is it birthday?) of the blog. I wanted to thank everyone for their support and for following along. It has been a lot of fun and I hope to continue to provide interesting, beautiful and thoughtful content for quite some time to come. As always, I would love to hear thoughts and comments. Thanks again readers!