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Home Resources

Emily Oster

One of my intentions in starting this blog was to further educate myself about my home particularly the systems that we rely on - plumbing, electricity, HVAC etc - and share it with my readers. In graduate school, I took numerous building technology courses but had neither the energy nor time to really understanding the information I was presented with. Thus when the handyman, electrician or other skilled tradesman come to our house and try to explain to me why there is backed up sewage outside my basement back door I am generally lost and just nod my head in agreement (and yes this did actually happen and on Superbowl Sunday with a house full of people). For me, its is significant to have at least a broad knowledge of how these systems work not only because it will be useful to me in the future but I see my home as a place worthy of investing care into and that includes all parts of it from a pair of lamps to cleaning out the gutters. 

There are tons of resources out there for you/me to educate ourselves about our homes. On the internet one has their pick of blogs, online magazine and journals, retailer's websites and so much more. At the bookstore, the "Home Reference" section might look like this (see below) and it is more than overwhelming to know which book/how many you will need to buy. 

image taken at  Barnes and Noble

image taken at Barnes and Noble

In a way it seems that the market for home resources is over-saturated and that my little blog has no place trying to match the wealth of knowledge that is easily accesible. But I am a big believer that there is always room for one more voice in the discussion if you have something unique to say. Thus it is my hope to act as a guide through this huge body of knowledge providing reviews and recommendations on which sources to look at as well as to create my own "Know How" posts that summarize what I am learning. The posts will keep in mind that most of us are beginners and that there is great value in communicating these topics in a clear manner both descriptively and visually. So stay tuned as I will be starting with a post about Water Supply tomorrow and please email and comment on topics you would like to see covered!