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dining room chair selection

Emily Oster

Riviera Chair by  Serena & Lily

Riviera Chair by Serena & Lily

 I did a post a couple of weeks ago exploring several different options for dining room chairs and have since decided on the Serena & Lily Riviera side chairs in navy. Aesthetically, the thing I like about these chairs is that they are classic but still interesting. The texture of the rattan as well as the color makes these chairs feel fresh yet their iconic shape is timeless. Functionally, the chairs are slightly higher than the ones we currently have (our table is taller than most average dining room tables) and  will be low maintenance  to care for which is key for me when entertaining. 

I also really like these chairs for their versatility. The hard thing about being a renter is that you always have to think about what the next residence is going to be and how your furniture will fit into that space. With these chairs we will have the option to transition them to an informal kitchen dining arrangement - I would love to have a kitchen big enough to accomodate our farm table - or to an outside dining area. Whatever the situation might end up being I feel comfortable with the idea of having these chairs for a long time to come and can't wait to see them in our current space.

See below for inspiration images. 

1. Serena & Lily Hampton's Store via  Habitually Chic  2. Tulip table via  Summerfield   3. Serena & Lily  Catalog  4. Image via  Tim Barber Ltd, Architecture  5. Serena & Lily  Catalog

1. Serena & Lily Hampton's Store via Habitually Chic 2. Tulip table via Summerfield  3. Serena & Lily Catalog 4. Image via Tim Barber Ltd, Architecture 5. Serena & Lily Catalog