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garden update

Emily Oster


It has been almost three weeks since I have given an update on our garden so I thought it was about time to share our progress thus far. Here is the plant by plant break down: 

Tomato: The tomato plant is looking ok...not great. We think it might be getting too much water since it has continued to rain like mad here. The leaves around the bottom are sort of yellowish which Jeff's mom (a more experienced gardener) said is rather normal as the plant establishes itself. However, we do think we are going to add some extra drainage holes just in case. I am hoping that the plant doesn't have any sort of fungus or bacteria.... 

Cucumber: The cucumber plant is getting taller and seems to be doing well. We haven't had to secure it to the trellis yet but maybe sometime soon.

Green Pepper: We have started to see a few buds which is exciting.  

Green beans: These guys are doing really well and have lots of buds. We have been warned that we will have an insane amount of beans. 

Strawberries: So good so far. We have been told that birds really like strawberries so we have been trying to keep a watchful eye but no problems thus far. Yesterday I even found a berry growing. 

Basil and Dill: Both are doing really well. We have been using the basil for caprese salads and the dill to season fresh vegetables. 

Lavender and Sage: The rabbits got a hold of this pot and nibbled the plants down pretty good so we have moved it higher up and hope that a new location will fix the problem.

Parsley and Chives: Doing pretty well not a ton of growth but still looking healthy.

Flower pots: The oxalis is looking really good however I have noticed that it doesn't like the direct sun that hits the front porch for an hour or two in the afternoon. Some of the coleus is looking good but unfortunately squirrels dug up two of the six and I haven't gotten around to replanting.  

Overall, things are looking hopefully. However, I do worry about the excess moisture as the soil pretty much hasn't dried out since we planted and you can see evidence of too much water retention on the front and side of the planter. It is going to be like 95 degrees here today and tomorrow though so hopefully that will help!