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realty round up: east nashville, tennessee

Emily Oster

Nashville is just a short four and a half hour drive from St. Louis and while I have visited several times, I have yet to have the opportunity to really explore the city.   Besides or rather in addition to being the country music capital, Nashville has a vibrant arts, culture and food scene. The presence of the many universities (Vanderbilt, Belmont and Tennessee State University being the most well-known) results in an overall young age distribution with 22% under 18, 10% from 18 to 24, 33% from 25 to 44. This age distribution contributes to one of the city's most recent recognitions as "one of the most stylish cities in the south" according to Southern Living Magazine

In choosing a neighborhood to feature, I selected East Nashville for its stylish and laid back vibe, many great restaurants and historic charm. The area is located across the river from Downtown and includes the neighborhoods of Historic Edgefield, Shelby Hills, and the East End to name a few. Some local gems include:
- The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden - part burger joint and part biergarten -what is not love
- Marche Artisan Foods - a European style cafe and marketplace 
- Holland House - well known for making a superb cocktail

House #1: $0 - $250,000

information and images via  Zillow

information and images via Zillow

Completely renovated in 2009, this home makes the most of its small space. My favorite aspect of the house is the tin roof and front porch.  

House #2: $250,000 - $500,000

images and information via  Zillow

images and information via Zillow

This home has a great open floor plan and large kitchen which is often very hard to find in older homes.  It also has a beautiful back deck and yard perfect for entertaining. 

House #3: $500,000 - $750,000 

images and information via  Zillow

images and information via Zillow

This is the highest price house on the market in East Nashville right now according to Zillow. It is need of updating but mostly just cosmetic changes. Otherwise it is a beautiful historic property that seems to have been meticulously maintained. 

House #4: $750,000 - $1,000,000

images and information via  ZIllow

images and information via ZIllow

To feature a home in this price range, I had to change neighborhoods. This home is located in the Belmont and has been recently renovated. I especially like the back exterior side of the home.  

Have a good weekend everyone!