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harvesting cucumbers

Emily Oster


Our cucumber plant has exploded in the past few weeks and has some fruit ready for picking. The first few, we are just going to be harvesting for fresh eating so we waited until they were around 6"-8" long, had a nice firm texture, and were a dark green color. I am thinking we will make a cucumber salad or just enjoy them with some salt. In the near future, we will hopefully be making some pickles which we will mean harvesting the cucumbers when they are much smaller. For sweet pickles, I read that you should pick when the cucumbers are 1" - 2.5" long. For dill pickles, the recommended size was 3" - 4". I, unfortunately, do not recall what type of cucumber plant I got (there are specific varieties for pickling vs. eating fresh) so I am just experimenting and learning as I go. Have a good Monday everyone!