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fiddle leaf fig

Emily Oster

I have been coveting a fiddle leaf fig for quite some time now. I would put it by our front door or maybe in the back sunroom but since I am not an experienced house plant owner I am rather worried about killing it. Erin Boyle of Reading My Tea Leaves and Gardenista  did a short piece about her same love and concern for owning a fiddle leaf. She ultimately concluded that her dim Brooklyn apartment did not provide the right environment for the plant, however, in her research process she did gather some helpful tips from experienced fiddle leaf fig owners.

1. Place the plant where it can receive lots of light like a south or west facing window
2. Don't over water it. Wait until the soil is dry and give it a drink about once a week.
3. Keep it free of excessive dust
4. Choose a pot that isn't too big
5. Place the fiddle leaf in a spot that has good, consistent air flow

Erin's article and researched tips definitely makes me think I could care for a fiddle fig. And when I see inspiration images like the ones below, the fiddle leaf fig moves up on the list of desired items for our home. 

1. via  Elle Decor   2.  Chloe Warne r via  Lonny    3. by  Haddon Interiors   4. by  Emily Henderson  5. by  Nickey Kehoe  via  House Beautiful   6. by Lee Kleinhelter via  Lonny   7. Home of Lisa Salzer via  Glitter Guide   8. by  Ken Fulk  via  House Beautiful   9. by Anna Burke via  Lonny

1. via Elle Decor  2. Chloe Warner via Lonny   3. by Haddon Interiors  4. by Emily Henderson 5. by Nickey Kehoe via House Beautiful  6. by Lee Kleinhelter via Lonny  7. Home of Lisa Salzer via Glitter Guide  8. by Ken Fulk via House Beautiful  9. by Anna Burke via Lonny