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a site made distinctive

Emily Oster

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I wanted to show an example of a site specific distinctive home. I came across this project on Houzz and while I haven't been able to find out that much about it, the images sort of speak for themselves.

From the pictures, you can tell that this home is in a rather typical suburban neighborhood. The ranch style of the house is one of the most common across America and if I had to guess I would think the original home was built sometime around 1950. Yet, what could have been any other generic ranch home is transformed because of the house's relationship and treatment of its site. Austin Outdoor Design did an incredible job of capitalizing on what this specific site had to offer. The design is elegant, clean and modern while still being very welcoming. The big tree in front is the focal point of the design. Other landscaping elements are kept low to the ground as to not compete with the grandeur of the tree while also allowing for the most natural light to enter into the home. Several ground covering materials (two different shades of gravel, concrete and grass) are used to create a subtle but interesting pattern. One of things I like most about this design is that the driveway, usually an ignored and discrete element of a home's design, is incorporated into the front landscape creating and adding to the interest of the property rather than detracting from it. Finally, the details of the projects are beautifully done - the Mondrian inspired gate, the way the steps lead up to the front deck, the colors of the house and stain of the deck.