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living room plan

Emily Oster


At the end of June, I did a post about using a green sofa for the focal point of a living room design. The green sofa was suppose to be Ikea's stockholm sofa in sandbacka green and was for Jenn and Mike's home. They both love color especially green and so we were all excited about the find. However, in person the sofa ended up being more turf green then kelly green....not the look any of us wanted. So I started over and have come up with a new scheme that we are in the process of making a reality.

The new design keeps green as the focal color but it is more of an emerald than a kelly green. Custom emerald green curtains will be the main statement in the room while the couch will be a classic chesterfield design in a light gray. Jenn and Mike have two dogs that shed so one of the main criteria for the room was selecting colors/fabrics that would hide dog hair. The curtains, which will be used for two windows and a set of sliding glass doors, will have a lot of contact with the dogs so it was important that the color be dark enough as to not show too much hair. We ended up getting lucky and found just the right color at a steal of a price and are in the process of finding someone to make the 8 panels we will need. The sofa was another find from World Market. The fabric is a little lighter than they wanted but the price was right and Mike especially liked the style of it. It should come in any day now. For chairs, I knew we would need something that had an airy feel as the area is a bit tight. Something rattan covered with a sheepskin is going to look great as well as add texture and a bit of a bohemian feel to the room. The ones pictured above are from Serena & Lily and while I love them I am looking for a vintage pair to help us stay on budget. I am also searching for a brass vintage coffee table that will again not make the area too cramped. On the floor, the plan is to get a sisal rug and layer it with a cowhide. I am a huge fan of cowhides because they are basically indestructible and look great in almost any space. For accent fabrics, we are going to splurge a bit and use Kelly Wearstler's bengal bazaar in magenta and Lulu DK's plantation in teal. Finally, to finish off the look I am going to take portraits of each dog and have them blown up and framed for either side of the focal window. 

Stay tuned for more posts on the project's progression!