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resource review: design sponge series

Emily Oster

series by  Design Sponge  illustrations by  Libby VanderPloeg

series by Design Sponge illustrations by Libby VanderPloeg

The very popular design blog, Design Sponge, has been running two related series that I have really been enjoying. Called Design Icon and Pattern Book, the series detail the history behind iconic designs. Design Icon features furniture and objects while Pattern Book highlights what else - patterns. Matched with great illustrations from Libby VanderPloeg and Maxwell Tielman, the posts are a quick and informative read that will instantly up your design knowledge and vocabulary. Here are a few interesting things I have learned thus far.

- The slinky was named by the inventor's wife after she came across the definition of slinky - sleek and graceful - in the dictionary.

- The Honeywell thermostat was designed so that it always hung "squarely" on the wall no matter how or where it was installed.

- The Coca-Cola bottle design was the result of a competition in which the winner was inspired by an image of cocoa pad he saw in the Encyclopedia Britannica. 

- Houndstooth is associated with peace as it was originally worn by Scottish shepherds and had no association with any particular clan or group.

- The Greek Key pattern is thought to be inspired by a labyrinth, symbolizing infinity and unity.

Continue on to the series to learn more!