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scandinavian style

Emily Oster

This past weekend, I took down all our Christmas decorations. It was bittersweet in that I love Christmas and am always sad when it passes but I also feel cleansed in packing all the holiday decor up and re-organizing and styling our living spaces. I tend to re-style our house just about every season. I might buy one or two items to mix things up a bit but mostly I just move things around. Nothing changes that drastically but I enjoy the process and it makes things feel freshened up. 

For this switch, I was inspired by the Scandinavian aesthetic. For me this means, lots of white mixed with bits of black, elements of wood, clean lines and minimal accessorizing. I think my personal style naturally gravitates towards these design elements but it especially comes out and seems appropriate when it is negative five outside. Below are some inspiration images I thought about for our winter styling switch. For more Scandinavian style inspiration check out Nordic Bliss and My Scandinavian Home

1. source unknown  2. design by   Maria Bjørlykke   3. piece by  egg collective   4. source unknown  5. source unknown  6. swedish apartment via piccsy

1. source unknown  2. design by Maria Bjørlykke  3. piece by egg collective  4. source unknown  5. source unknown  6. swedish apartment via piccsy