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keeping warm

Emily Oster


Like much of the midwest St.Louis got dumped with snow on Sunday. Being from Michigan and fancying myself a "northerner" I love a good snow storm. That being said a snow storm in St. Louis is quite a bit different than those in Michigan. The city services seem unable to handle it and people - well freak out a bit. For example, on Saturday night we went grocery shopping and found Whole Foods to be sold out of many staples (chicken, potatoes etc.) and Trader Joe's to have completely empty shelves.


Both Jeff and I have gone into work this week but schools continue to be closed today and most side streets are still a mess. The temperatures are on the rise and I am guessing that the majority of the snow will be melted by Sunday but I thought I would share a post from REMODELISTA about 5 Low-Tech Essentials for Keeping the House Warm as well as a few of my own tips. 


1. Use draft extruders (also called draft stops or draft exluders). We don't have any of these but we should - although I fear Booker would use them as chew toys...

2. Use rubber foam insulation tape around windows

3. In addition to door draft stops use a door seal. An inexpensive flap the attaches to the bottom of your door. 

4. Get window coverings. Another layer of insulation that can make a large difference in keeping out the cold air - and they are pretty. 

5. Consider heated rugs. I had never heard of these before but apparently they are mats you can put under your own rugs giving you heated floors without the big investment. Does sort of seem like a fire hazard though...

From me...

1. Wear more clothes. Simple yes but very effective. You should not expect to wear a t-shirt in your house when it is -10 outside. Sweaters, slippers, wool socks and vests are my go tos. 

2. Warm liquids. I always feel warmer after some tea or soup.

3. Keep dry. No damp hair and absolutely no wet socks. 

4. Give your heat room to circulate. Make sure vents and/or radiators are not blocked or covered. 

5. Take a warm bath or shower. When I just can't get warm this is my go to solution. 

Stay warm!