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bedroom updates and inspiration

Emily Oster

For the past two weekends, I have been working on painting our bedroom. Weekend one involved patching holes and edging around trim, windows and doors. Yesterday, I did a second coat of edging and one coat of rolling. The walls were a lime green so its going to probably take three coats of rolling. Its been slow going but if I squint my eyes, I can begin to see it as the calm and cozy room I imagine it to be.

I see the space as being primarily white with lots of texture - serene but still interesting. So far I have selected paint colors - Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee for the walls and BM Simply White for the ceiling and trim. We also have installed bamboo shades and have ordered a modern ceiling fan. In terms of furniture, we have two matching nightstands that I plan on refinishing. A bird's eye maple dresser from my parent's house that I love and definitely want to keep. Another high boy style dresser I would like to replace and I have already blogged about dreaming of a new bed. We also have two vintage white lamps and a cowhide rug. Overall its a good base but there is definitely still room for a few more standout pieces. 

I have been looking at images to help get my head around the overall feel and to also show Jeff what I have in mind. 

With this room its the bed that totally sends me swooning. The general feel is really close to what I am after with have an antique bed and everything else being really neutral.

Megan Mullally's house via  Elle Decor

Megan Mullally's house via Elle Decor

In this image its the art. Its simplistic but impactful. I have a few Kevin Russ photographs I plan on hanging in the space maybe in an arrangement similar to this. 

home of Charlotte Tracy design by  John Allee  and  Hannah Childs  vis  REMODELISTA

home of Charlotte Tracy design by John Allee and Hannah Childs vis REMODELISTA

Its the lighting that does it for me in this room. Got to have a little bit of brass to warm up all the white. 

East Hampton home of  Tom Scheerer  via  House Beautiful

East Hampton home of Tom Scheerer via House Beautiful

Finally, I love the mix of styles and scales in this bedroom. Its unexpected but still cohesive. It also masters the blending of the old with the new which is something I really hope to achieve in our space.