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searching for a dresser

Emily Oster

This coming weekend, I plan on putting the last two coats of paint on our bedroom walls. We have been traveling the past two weekends and I am very much looking forward to a couple of days at home to work around the house. Plus once the walls are painted, I can focus my attention on the fun stuff (furniture, linens, art, accessories)!

As I have mentioned I am on the hunt for my dream bed. I fully anticipate this to be a long and difficult search so I have started to shift my late night Craigslist surfing to a simpler task of finding us a new dresser. We already have a birds' eye maple dresser and with plans for a wood bed, I am thinking something with simpler lines and painted would compliment the room nicely. It also needs to be low and somewhat long. Saint Louis tends to have a fairly good inventory of mid-century dressers so my plan is to find one on the cheap and paint it in a neutral tone. Maybe sort of like these... 

I love the simplicity of this piece. It ever so slightly references the mid-century style with the shape of its legs but the pared down knobs and asymmetrical configuration of the drawers make it more current. 

I really like the base on this dresser. Its sleek and sort of reminds me of a campaign style piece. 

I am a big fan of faux bamboo pieces refinished. This style might be a little too fussy to blend well with the more primitive elements in the room but I still really like it. 

I absolutely love love this line of furniture by Chelsea Textiles. Its a reproduction of T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings furniture and the color combined with the style and detailing of handles is perfection for me (see this post). I have thought about trying to recreate these wicker handles before so maybe I could find a vintage piece with super flat long drawers....