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all things lauren liess

Emily Oster

I was in Michigan this past weekend and actually had some quality down time (not working, teaching, undertaking projects on the house, being stressed...the list goes on). I hung out with my parents, saw old friends and did a little bit of reading and inspiration searching. Specifically, I spent a good amount of time looking into the work of Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home. I read old blog posts, sorted through her portfolio and searched for interviews with her to learn more about her approach to design and running her own business. I was familiar with Lauren and her work before but have become more than just impressed after doing a little intensive research.

On a personal note, there is a lot of how Lauren approaches design and runs her business that resonates with me and to see how much success she has had (an extremely popular blog, a thriving business, happy clients, a book due out next fall etc.) is really inspiring. It can sometimes be unsettling to work for yourself and to chart an untraditional course in your career so reading about others who have made it work is really invaluable to me as a designer, business person and a twenty something working in a post-recession economy. 

On a professional level, I think Lauren's interiors are interesting, comfortable and quite beautiful. I also love her line of textiles and hope to use some of her patterns in my own home. 

Lauren Liess' living room in  her Virginian home

Lauren Liess' living room in her Virginian home

This is maybe my favorite room that I have seen by Lauren. I love the mix matched sofas, vintage rug and lucite coffee table - not to mention that light!

Leiss home  media room

Leiss home media room

Its hard to tell from this picture but this room has a really interesting layout that seems like it would be super functional for a family with young kids. 

Liess' room for a  DC Design House

Liess' room for a DC Design House

Liess calls this a princess and the pea window seat which I love.

The Rose House  by Liess

I like that this house is a bit different from Lauren's other work - more formal and a touch more glamorous but still very livable. 

Filigree Chevron  original textile 

Filigree Chevron original textile 

I really like the juxtaposition of the hard and soft lines in this pattern.

Make sure to check out Lauren's portfolio and blog to see more!