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our screened in porch

Emily Oster

This weekend was absolutely beautiful - tons of sunshine and just a little chilly. And while I wish I could say we spent the whole weekend outside...we did not. Unfortunately, we had lots of errands to run, radiators that needed to be "burped" (more on that later) and a bedroom that I was determined to start painting. I have, however, been thinking a lot about how I want to use our outdoor space specifically our screened in porch. Its a fairly large space so I want to create one area that is more hang out/lounge and one for dining. We have already purchased this Restoration Hardware Belvedere outdoor sofa (I got it at the RH Outlet for an amazing deal) and a really cool vintage rattan and glass table

To the lounge area, I want to add two chairs and maybe a side table depending on how large the chairs end up being. I want the porch to have a neutral color palette of white, woods and gray so I am thinking maybe a rattan chair with a white cushion or maybe something more modern like these retired Hogsten chair from Ikea with a sculpted concrete drum table from West Elm.


If we were to go with something like the above for the lounge area, I would want to do a round teak table to tie in the sofa frame and then maybe four white canvas director's chairs to soften the material palette. We also want to put a firewood storage rack out there to keep supplies handy for our wood burning stove. 

Have a good Monday everyone!