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updates from the move

Emily Oster

We have moved! While it has only been a few days and there definitely has been very little down time we are totally loving our new (old) house. Since the weekend, we have been busy moving/unpacking boxes and getting things somewhat in order for my parents visit this weekend. While most of our projects have been rather mundane (breaking down boxes, MORE cleaning etc.), we have done a few larger/more exciting things to the house in the past couple of days.

My biggest project pre-move was getting our ceiling painted. I will eventually do a more detailed post about this but in summary our ceiling had these horrible, glued on ceiling tiles that Jeff demolished over Labor Day weekend. We then had a friend/carpenter hang drywall and I had the task of getting the surface painted before all our furniture moved into the room. It took me all day Friday, two coats of primer and Benjamin Moore’s Simply White ceiling paint but I got it done and it looks great. Our walls are still lime green but I am hoping we might be able to get those painted this weekend. Other happenings in our bedroom include hanging bamboo shades and being very pleased that our bed fits in front of the window as planned.

We have also gotten our guest bedroom set up for my parents and while it is composed of our “leftover” furniture it looks pretty decent all things considered. Other upstair projects have included getting a new shower curtain, adding a rug, buffet piece and lamp to the landing and just general unpacking.

stair landing

stair landing

Downstairs we placed all our major furniture pieces and things for the most part seem to be working out well. Our biggest challenge in terms of furniture layout is our sunroom where there is a large radiator that protrudes into the room and very little wall space for our TV – more on that later. We also changed out/replaced quite a few light bulbs which has made a huge difference especially in the kitchen where it can get sort of dark. We are using our back room as a catch all for all our unsorted items and boxes of stuff that don’t yet have a home which has greatly helped keep the clutter down around the rest of the house (although there is a rather large pile of things collecting at the basement steps…).

Our other fun development from this weekend was buying this table for our screened in porch (please ignore the teal floor paint). We purchased it off Craigslist for $110 and I am extremely happy with how it looks with the space. Now we need to just get all of our boxes off the porch…

screened in porch with newly purchased table

screened in porch with newly purchased table

We are without internet until Friday so I might not be able to get another post out this week but I will for sure be back Monday with more updates and hopefully a more regular posting schedule. Hope everyone is having a good week!