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antique craigslist finds

Emily Oster

Since buying our house, my Craigslist shopping has been really aggressive. It has also changed, in that, I not only search for furniture but more unique finds like sinks, tubs, doors and random other building materials and finishes. We aren't quite ready to act on any of these finds but I like to look and see what is generally available. And of course I would buy if a deal was too perfect to pass up!

You have to have imagination when sourcing antique items such as these. You also need to understand what goes into refinishing/rehabbing them for our own space. These are some current listing that I think have loads of potential.

This claw foot tub complete with brass tub filler is pretty incredible. It needs refinishing but doesn't look too terrible. If it was located closer to us I would definitely go look at it and consider it for our future master bathroom project. This is how I imagine it looking....

via  Domaine

I love this sink and antique faucet and am considering buying it for our mud room.


It appears to be in great condition and not too big of size. I haven't yet done a floor plan of the space so I can't in good conscious purchase it now but I am going to keep an eye on it and potentially email the seller just to see if they would go down in price....How awesome would it look in a set up something like this... 

Another item I plan on sourcing antique is new/old doors for upstairs. The doors downstairs are for the most part original but upstairs they were replaced with new, hollow core ones. This set looks really nice. 

It might even look nice to keep them in their natural wood finish since they are in such good shape. Like this look...

Have a great weekend everyone!